This site and the corresponding GitHub repository are being used by IIPC members and other interested parties to track and improve various specifications and proposals relating to web archiving.

In particular, a HTML version of the official specification of the WARC format is hosted here, and we will develop extensions and forthcoming versions of the specification on this site, using GitHub issues and pull requests.

We also intend to publish and develop appropriate guidelines for web archiving, covering areas where common practice should be encouraged prior to any attempt at formal standardisation, e.g. through ISO.

How to contribute

We are in the early staged of working out how best to develop these standards and guidelines.


Specification Status

The possible statuses of the specifications are as follows:

Document is for review and discussion, may change.
IIPC members have adopted the proposal and it may eventually be incorporated into an official standard. Whether de facto or official, it represents current best practices.
Has been incorporated into an offical standard.